Our Values

Here at Portico, our values aren't just something we put on a business card and forget about. They're written into the very fabric of who we are.

They guide our decisions and create the framework for the entire organization. From the smallest of processes to the very people we hire, all of our decisions are guided by these six principles.


Talent Driven

Find and retain the best talent... always. Every company says this but no one devotes themselves to the cause. We do.                                    


Results Oriented

At Portico we focus on results. We strive high and hold ourselves accountable for results. It's the only way we know.                              



We do things the right way. It's not always easy to define what the right way is, but we know the wrong way when we see it. Do the right thing.


Customer Centered

Our commitment is to our customer. We are dedicated to making every decision with our core customers in mind.


Friendly Always

The bottom line is we love working with friendly people. If you don't feel you're working with the friendliest staff in the world...let us know.


Have Fun!

We spend too much of our lives working to not have fun where we work. We make having fun a priority at Portico...and you should too!