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Do us a favor. Don’t apply for a job here if that is all you’re looking for.

Does that sound weird? It kind of does. Ok, let me try again: 

Apply for a career here.

There, that sounds better. It helps that we even mean it. Nobody ever thinks about property management as a career…but it is. And it’s a good one. And if you’re smart and hardworking, and diligent and actually like working with people…then Portico is a great place to work. We hire really smart hardworking people that care about their jobs. And then we invest in them and train them.

And you know what? It’s the smartest thing we do. It’s what separates us from the multitudes of mediocre companies out there. We have a specific plan that we stick to that makes us a very good company.

  • We hire great people
  • Train and invest in them
  • Give them clear concise goals
  • Align their incentives with those clear, concise goals
  • Measure performance…every week, for every positon
  • Reward stellar performance
  • Celebrate stellar performance
  • Repeat…again and again.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is sort of. To explain…

To execute is another thing entirely. Why? Because great people don’t line up at your door looking for a job. You have to go find them. And we've devoted almost our entire focus to doing just that.

So please, by all means… Send us your resume. Just don’t expect a job. Ask for more…demand a career.

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