To Our Associates

  • We PROMISE to only hire the very best talent to join our organization. If you work for us, it’s because you’re one of the best and brightest and we wanted and needed your abilities on our team. We PROMISE to invest in you, to provide you with a team that supports your career development and to ensure a positive work environment.
  • We PROMISE to LISTEN. You aren’t just the workforce of our company…you’re the backbone. The foundation. We can’t succeed unless you do. We need to know if there’s any issue, problem, or concern. And we want your ideas too, every one of them.
  • We PROMISE to COMMUNICATE. The very word “communication” has become incredibly cliché. Yet it is still, without a doubt, the single most important trait of a successful and healthy organization. We will keep you abreast of every important decision, issue, or topic. We hold quarterly State of the Union calls to catch you up on what’s happening at Portico and our senior management is committed to ensuring you know as much as possible about our company. You’re not just an associate, you’re a stakeholder.
  • We PROMISE to be results oriented. We do not believe in seniority, paying your dues, or in the word “deserve”. We have created systems and scorecards to identify the very best people working at Portico. When we find those people, we invest in them, train them, and nurture them. And even better, we promote them.
  • We PROMISE to have fun. Not because you need it or deserve it…but because WE NEED IT! Life is too short to work at a place you don’t enjoy coming to every single day. So in addition to hiring the smartest, most diligent, hardest workers…we hire fun people. We work hard and do a great job every day…but we also enjoy ourselves. So smile. And joke. And laugh. And laugh some more.