To Our Residents

  • We PROMISE to be friendly at all ALL interactions. Ever talk to a customer service rep that doesn’t seem to like people? We have too…and we don’t like it. People are our business, and we remind ourselves of that fact every day.
  • We PROMISE to listen. If you have a problem, an issue, a complaint…or just need to vent, we’re here to listen. Your problems are our problems…and we’re here to help fix them. But we can’t do that if we don’t LISTEN first.
  • As much as it relies on us, we PROMISE to always do the right thing. We don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t do the right thing. We’re not saying we won’t make a mistake...but the truly great companies are the ones that always fix it. Whenever we’re faced with what seems like a conundrum, we simply ask, “What’s the right thing”? And you know what? The great thing about life is we almost always know what that is.
  • We PROMISE to provide you with a HOME worthy of your decision. That’s what you’re here for right? You’re not just buying a t-shirt from us…you’re deciding where you will live, sleep, learn, love and grow. We’re honored you’ve chosen to call our community your HOME and it’s up to us to remind you that you made the right decision each and every day.