The Top 50 Properties of 2016 for Online Reputation

We spotlight the top 50 properties of the top 1% of properties by ORA score.

By Joseph Batdorf

Kicking off our third year of ORA Power Rankings, in this edition, we feature the Elite 1% of properties from 2016. Through our exhaustive research of 63,000 properties across all review sites, a total of 699 properties made it onto this elite list.

The ace property for 2016 was The Kensington (Boston), managed by Bozzuto, with a score of 96. Elated to receive this honor for the second consecutive year, Daniel Pereira, general manager of the property, says, “The Kensington team is extremely proud to be recognized again by J Turner Research as the top-ranking property for online reputation in the nation. This recognition affirms our unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of customer service to our residents.” Bozzuto has the highest number of properties (five) among the top 50.

At No. 2 is Everton at Bellmar (Dallas), managed by Knightvest Property Management (score: 96). Camden Plaza (Houston), managed by Camden Property Trust, also registered 96, to take third place. To be eligible for this ranking, a property had to have a minimum of 20 reviews. For properties with the same ORA scores, the property with the higher number of reviews ranked higher.

In 2016, the national average ORA was 57.5, which jumped more than three points from 2015. The highest ORA score for a property also scaled two points—from 94 in 2015 to 96 in 2016. There are 26 new entrants among the top 50 properties and 366 new entrants in the top 1% ranking of 2016.

This surge in the number of newcomers and ORA scores reflects the sharpened focus properties have on online review management. J Turner’s recent study Prospects’ Internet Adventure shows that 70% of prospects chose to visit a property with a better online reputation. It's evident that management is focusing more on improving their online reputation; they realize they may be missing traffic due to a comparatively low online presence. This makes the top 1% ranking much more competitive.

The top three management companies to manage the most properties among the top 50 are Bozzuto, with five; Hawthorne Residential Partners, with four; and Greystar, with three. Six of the top 50 properties are privately managed. In the overall top 1% ranking, 114 properties are privately managed, and the top three companies are Greystar, with 54 properties; Bozzuto, with 47 properties; and AvalonBay Communities, with 32 properties. More than 210 management companies are listed for the 699 properties in the top 1% ranking.

With regard to states, the top three—with the lion’s share of properties in the top 1%—are Texas, with 81; Virginia (56); and Maryland (50). Among the top 50 properties, the leading states are Washington, with six; Massachusetts (five); and Ohio and North Carolina (four each).

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